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I like to make complex concepts simple with word pictures. As you may have seen, I recently used the analogy of a train track with a two way radio embedded in it, to describe how our nervous system works.

Let’s pick up from there.

There can be all kinds of factors that contribute to the disruption in the pathways that lead to retained reflexes. Fetal alcohol syndrome, malnutrition, genetic disorders, falls, traumas, lack of tummy time, delayed or skipped creeping or crawling, chronic ear infections, head trauma, and vertebral subluxations to name a few.

The birthing process is also a key factor in the integration of these reflexes; therefore, a traumatic birth experience or birth by C-section may lead to retained reflexes.

In addition, reflexes that are completely integrated can later reactivate because of trauma, injury, toxins, and stress.

The great news in all of this, is that we have something called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means that we have the ability to create new connections in spite of damage or underdevelopment. We have the ability to make new pathways!!!

The most efficient mode of creating new pathways is rooted in MOVEMENT. I know, big surprise. Movement matters and is the key to making new connections. Connections that move around damaged areas in the brain to make new healthy connections!

I love how the body works!

Up next, The Triune Brain Theory

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